One-Stop Wire Cloth Solution Designer

We have innovative design, great manufacturing and strong support capacities to provide our customers with customized, one- stop solution.


Raw Material Inspection

Test the chemical components, physical properties and wire tolerance to ensure that all materials meet quality standards.


Fully Automatic Weaving

Advanced equipment for efficient production.


Quality Standard

The factory is ISO 9001 certified, All of our metal mesh are inspected to ensure compliance.


Adequate Stock

We can ensure availability of wire mesh that can be shipped immediately.


Professional Packaging

Customized according to customer requirements.


Fast Delivery

Time is essential and we know that our clients’ needs is our need. Each project is planned and clients are informed throughout the production schedule to ensure timely updates and delivery of the orders.


Opening Size & Uniformity Inspection

We will use German introduced tester to check if the opening size and uniformity of the product meet corresponding standards.


Competitive Price

We provide quotes and our sales staff can help to ensure that the client’s budget is met with comparable products from other providers.